Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY - hairdo

The length of my hair is not the best to have in the summer so I usually wear a ponytail or an up do.  But the summer is quite long so eventually a ponytail or a up do got boring. That's why I went searching for something new and found this new hairdo. It's super easy and even though I think that there are already a lot of tutorials explaining this hairdo, I decided to make a tutorial just for fun :).

The only thing you will be needed for this tutorial is a headband and ofcourse your hair.

Place the headband on your head.

...Make sure it looks like this.

Then grab all your hair and insert it all neatly inside the headband.

...And that's all you need to do! Have fun trying it!

Big kiss to you all -x- Mary

 And again, this time big thanks to my other little sister (8 years old) for helping me with taking pictures. It's so cute and lovely that they want to help! THANK YOU BOTH <3

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