Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Now 2011 is almost over, we take a look back at this year. We both can say it was a great year with a lot of opportunities and changes. We started Wish it, Dream it, Do it in December 2011 and hopefully in 2012 WIDIDI becomes a well known blog with many followers. Life teaches us to care and be with the ones you love. Enjoy the little things in life and make 2012 even better than the year before.
We hope you all are going to have a wonderful 2012 and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

See you in 2012
Big love, Charlie and Mary.

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New Bag

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I (Charlie) Got this Necklace a couple of weeks ago. I wear it a lot, its from a store called Amber. It's a small shop in my town.

By Charlie & Mary

DIY - Ballerina Bun

Hello Guys,
When we went on a school trip to the UK, we saw everyone wear these so called “ballerina buns” . We (as always, with everything) fell in love and bought the materials.
This is a DIY for the Ballerina Bun.
Enjoy ;)

You'll need:
- A " Donut "
- Bobby Pins
- 2 elastic bands

Make a high ponytail, secure this with an elastic band

Put the "donut" around the ponytail till it touches your head.

Flip all your hair over the donut and make sure the donut isn’t seen.
Secure this with an elastic band.

Flip all the rest of your hair around the bun and secure this with bobby pins.

And taaadaa there is you Ballerina Bun

By Mary & Charlie

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lets Be Crazy!

hi guys!
A couple of moths ago we got inspired by the so called ' dip dye hair ' , We made the plan to do this one time, but didn't really dare to.. So because it is almost vacation for two weeks we thought: lets be crazy and dye our hair. We went to town to switch shoes Mary bought 'cause they were to small... however we also went to a shop called: the hair zone to buy paint.

Stay tuned because next week Friday we're going to dye our hair :) woop woop exciting!

source: /

 Color: Poppy Red                                                             Color: Carnation Pink
             Brand: Directions

By Mary & Charlie

New Trousers :)

Hi guys,
as you might know we love shopping. I was in a crazy shopping mood together with my mum and she gave me these four amazing jeans. I absolutely love them and felt like sharing them with you guys.

See you soon!
by Mary (and Charlie)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DIY - Peter Pan collar


As we were flipping trough some magazines we saw the 'so called' peter pan collar, we fell in love and thought: why not making it our self? 

you'll need:
- pattern: download here
- felt
- a ribbon (2x)
- fabric glue / sew material
- hole punch or leather rotary hole punch
- button

 Okay, let's start:

first cut out the pattern , and draw it on to a piece of felt.

cut out the two drawn pieces 

make a hole in both of the collar pieces, so the button can be attached

Glue or sew the button to the collar

attach the button to  the collar pieces

use a hole punch or leather rotary hole punch to add a little detail

cut the ribbon and glue/sew it to the collar (at the ends of course)

and tadaaa, you're done!

by Charlie & Mary

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