Friday, December 30, 2011

Amsterdam, I Love You

Today I (Charlie) went to Amsterdam together with my family (girl on picture is my little sister). We stayed there the whole day and it was great. The weather was very good and it was a great opportunity to use my new camera I bought yesterday.
Of course we had to do a little shopping at H&M, which was successful. After seeing some museums and watch an Italian movie,  (Habemus Papam - very funny ), we ended in a pub, eating typical dutch food called "bitterballen" and figured out where to go next, we decided to go home and eat dinner over there. 
Amsterdam is an amazing city, if you have ever been there you know. If you have never been there: If you have the time and money to go, go! 
See you soon,
Charlie and Mary

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  1. this city is amazing!




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