Sunday, December 11, 2011

DIY - Peter Pan collar


As we were flipping trough some magazines we saw the 'so called' peter pan collar, we fell in love and thought: why not making it our self? 

you'll need:
- pattern: download here
- felt
- a ribbon (2x)
- fabric glue / sew material
- hole punch or leather rotary hole punch
- button

 Okay, let's start:

first cut out the pattern , and draw it on to a piece of felt.

cut out the two drawn pieces 

make a hole in both of the collar pieces, so the button can be attached

Glue or sew the button to the collar

attach the button to  the collar pieces

use a hole punch or leather rotary hole punch to add a little detail

cut the ribbon and glue/sew it to the collar (at the ends of course)

and tadaaa, you're done!

by Charlie & Mary

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