Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY - Ballerina Bun

Hello Guys,
When we went on a school trip to the UK, we saw everyone wear these so called “ballerina buns” . We (as always, with everything) fell in love and bought the materials.
This is a DIY for the Ballerina Bun.
Enjoy ;)

You'll need:
- A " Donut "
- Bobby Pins
- 2 elastic bands

Make a high ponytail, secure this with an elastic band

Put the "donut" around the ponytail till it touches your head.

Flip all your hair over the donut and make sure the donut isn’t seen.
Secure this with an elastic band.

Flip all the rest of your hair around the bun and secure this with bobby pins.

And taaadaa there is you Ballerina Bun

By Mary & Charlie


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