Wednesday, August 14, 2013

my four favorite statement necklaces

As I promised yesterday, here are my four favorite statement necklaces (at the moment). Maybe I'll make an update post in a month or so, because the amount necklaces are expending by the day (because of my obsession :) ). The four necklaces I chose are a neon necklace, a 'diamond' necklace, a chain necklace and a 'tribal' necklace. I collected these in all sorts of different ways. The neon and the 'diamond' necklace are from a online shop called Modemusthaves, the chain necklace is from the Primark and the 'tribal' necklace is from a little market in the south of Spain. they are all different and unique which makes it fun to combine them with different outfits. All the necklaces have a affordable price which is not a problem for me :) however I hope that I'll be able to be a proud owner of a beautiful (slightly more expensive ) necklace some day.

-x- mary

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