Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY - beachy hair

The text above is the perfect explanation to define the summer. Unfortunately every beginning has a ending. As maybe some of you know I dyed my hair blonder twice before but still after the summer my hair gets darker. BUT I found a solution to keep the lighter hair. On pinterest I found a DIY spray to put in your hair to make it lighter (and to create those super fun beachy waves).

The products needed are:
  • Sea salt
  • gel (I used gel I once got as a birthday present but you can use any gel)
  • coconut oil (I used bio coconut oil)
  • hot water
  • Empty spray bottle

Fill a cup with hot water

Add a small spoon of coconut oil.

Add a big spoon of sea salt.

Add a small amount of gel.

And stir it until everything has dissolved.

Put it in the empty spray bottle and you're done!
The spray is at his best if you keep it a month or so :)

The difference are not that big because I already made it blonder by dyeing it before but I did see a change! :)

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