Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY - 'friendship' bracelet ring

This vacation I bought a lot of new stuff like clothes and jewelry (post on soon) which gave me a lot of inspiration. This is also the way my new DIY came out. I bought the bag seen on the picture on the market in the South of Spain and I got 2 'friend' bracelets which where in a package with the magazine Marie-Claire. These 2 things combined with an old ring (I found in my room) created this new DIY. I think it looks cool and it's super easy to make! Hope you all enjoy making it like I did!

To make this DIY the only things you will be needed are:

  • threads
  • a simple (old) ring without a 'stone' (I used a broken ring )
  • 1 second glue
  • scissors 


You can use every color you want! I chose to use the colors dark blue, purple and white inspired by my new bag.

After you chose the color it's time to make the pattern. To make the pattern I used this youtube video but if you just type in friendship bracelet or friendship bracelet XOXO (XOXO is the pattern) into youtube you will find it as well. 

Then start make the pattern until the pattern fits exactly around the ring.

 After you made the right length, cut of the leftovers from the thread.

After cutting off the ends put some 1 second glue on the ends where you have cut the thread to make sure that it's not possible for the threat to loose.

Do the same on the other side. Cut the knot you made in the beginning to overcome the overrated thickness at the back of the ring.

And then again secure it with some 1 second glue.

1 second later after the 1 second glue has totally dried, put some 1 second glue on the ring. 
TIP: It's easier to secure the pattern to the ring step by step. This means that you just start in the middle by putting a little glue and securing the pattern to the ring. And continue to do this with little spaces of the ring.

To make sure that the pattern and the ring are 100% secured to each other, press the pattern to the ring for a minute or so.

and voila, there is your super easy beautiful ring!

Big thanks to my little sister (9 years old) who helped me and will help me for the next couple of months or so with making pictures!! <3

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