Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Look of the day - Museum skills

 Shoes: Vans // Trousers: Pieces // Shirt: Zara // Jacket: H&M // Scarf: Italy // Bag: Italy 

Hi guys, I just came back from a few days Florence, Italy. It was so nice over there and the weather was so lovely. I shot this look of the day in the Marino Marini Museum. The space was so nice that I felt like doing a look of the day. If you ever go to Florence I advice you to go to this museum (if you like art). It is massive and very beautiful. I visited 11 museums and churches in 3 days... ( he he). 
By the way, we recently made a Facebook page! 

Talk to you soon!
Charlie & Mary.

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  1. wow love that bag!!!




  2. Love the bag! What a beautiful pictures!

  3. You have such a wonderful blog!
    I really love this outfit too, with that BEAUT of a bag. :D
    Those photos are reallly gorgeous too!

    I am now a regualar follower! Just followed :)



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