Sunday, February 19, 2012

ABN-AMRO Tennis Final

Hello everyone, what a day! I (Charlie) woke up at 5am to bring my mum to the airport and since then I didn't have any sleep. At about 12am me, my dad and sister took the car and drove off to Rotterdam were the final of the 39th ABN-AMRO world tennis tournament would be. I was very excited since last year was so much fun. The final would be played between Federer (Switserland) and Del Poltro (Argentina). I always been a 'Federer fan' so no doubt I really wanted him to win. We had quite a good seat, pretty close to the middle. This was the first time I saw Federer in 'real' and I'll tell you this, he is very nice to look at in real, he he. The video shows the final point, which made Federer win (Sorry if it's blurry. I was happy he won!).

See you guys soon!
x- Charlie & Mary

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