Friday, January 13, 2012

Mary's Holiday in Africa

I (Mary) had the most amazing two weeks. I hope you all had a great New Year and Christmas. I sure did together with my whole family in, guess where, Africa!
Africa is such an amazing country, the weather, the animals, the culture just 'wauw'. Everything is very different than we're used to. I snapped a few photo's and felt like sharing them with you all.
Enjoy and if you ever been to Africa you know the feeling I felt when taking these pictures.

See you soon!
Mary &Charlie

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  1. these pictures are simply wonderful!
    check out my blog
    i have pics in the park, they are not great as these ones but its still a beautiful place!
    a big kiss

  2. Prachtige foto's, waar in Afrika ben je geweest? Zuid-Afrika of een ander land?

    1. dankje :) ik ben naar zuid-afrika geweest!


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