Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY - clutch

you will need
- A fabric, which you would like to make a clutch of. (leather or suede) 
- A thick needle for in the machine            - Thread
- Fabric scissor                                        - Normal scissor
- Chalk                                                    - Pins
- 2 magnetic snaps                                   - ruler
- Hasp                                                     - sewing machine

this is the fabric I used - fake suede.

fold the fabric and use any size of magazine to get an idea of how big the clutch should be (only use the short side, not the whole magazine) , leave about 1 cm open, for the seam.

Cut the fabric from the line you drew.

this is how it should look like after cutting the fabric : one long strip.

turn the fabric around and fold one side a little bit further than a quarter of the middle ( still get it? ), fold the other side to the folded piece (pic. 2). 

pin the sides, leave the middle part open ( so it looks like a sack).

start sewing the pinned parts :).

this is looking good :)

if you did it correct, it should look like this.

fold the piece inside-out and use a normal scissor to push out the tips.

does it does like this? yes? Good job!

this shows how it will be folded, so you get an idea.


make small (very small) holes to put the snaps trough, this is quite difficult so don't over rush it. Make sure to put the other snaps on exactly the same distance to make it look equal.

after pinning the sides together, sew them. 

finish the end of the threads neatly by hand.

Tadaa. there you have your Self Made Clutch. Big thanks to my mother, who helped me a lot. 
The clutch turned out even better than I hoped and it's quite easy, but it does take some time. 

see you soon!
Charlie and Mary

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