Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY - wrapped bracelet

We are going to make a bracelet that you can wear at any occasion. 
Follow these easy steps and 'voila', you will be the proud owner of a super easy trendy bracelet.

To make the bracelate you need the following materials, in a colour of your choice:
  •   180 to 240 cm of embroidery thread
  •   110 to 140 cm of ‘waxed’ rope
  •   30 to 40 cm of brass ball chain (a length that fitts twice around your wrist)
  •   Measuring tape
  •   Scissors
  •   Sticky tape if necessary

TIP: Rather cut the embroidery thread, ‘waxed’ rope and brass ball chain too long than too short! 

First you fold the ‘waxed’ rope into 2 even lengths and make a loop in the middle. 
Make sure your loop is big enough, as at the end the knot has to fit through the loop.  

At the base of the loop attach your brass ball chain by making a knot with the end of the embroidery thread. Make sure that only 1 brass ball is attached to the loop.

 After making the knot, wrap the embroidery thread 5 times around the ‘waxed’ rope to secure the knot.

Now make sure the brass ball chain is on top of the 2-alined ‘waxed’ ropes and also in the middle. 

TIP:  To make it easier, attach the loop to the table with sticky tape. Now you can start wrapping the embroidery thread.

Start wrapping the embroidery thread around the ‘waxed’ rope in between the balls of the brass ball chain. Continue until you have reached the end of the chain.

Once you reached the end of the chain, 
wrap the embroidery thread a few times around the ‘waxed’ rope to secure the thread. 

Use all of the ropes (the 2 alined ‘waxed’ and the embroidery thread) and make a knot to finish it off. 
Cut off the left over ropes and you’re finished.
 And 'voila' there is your super easy, trendy, own-made bracelet!


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